Risk Engineering.

The Risk Engineering team are focussed on ensuring the highest standard of safety and compliance across hazardous industries, including mining, oil and gas, land and sea transport, water and wastewater treatment, process industries and specialty facilities such as research laboratories and healthcare.

We are equally aware of the costs associated with the operational sustainability of safety systems, so our approach is to provide a ‘fit for purpose’ solution that always takes into account operator human factors to make best use of the systems.

What We Offer.

  • Performance based / Rational Design solutions for industrial facilities, including Power Stations, Warehouses and Underground Mines.
  • Fire Safety Studies
  • Evacuation Modelling
  • Emergency Planning
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Probabilistic Risk Analysis and Quantitative Hazard Assessment (PHA / QRA)
  • Process Safety Design and Management
  • Reliability Engineering (RAM, RAMBO)
  • Pipeline Safety Management
  • Fire and Explosion Modelling
  • Safety Case Studies
  • Hazardous Area Numerical Modelling (to support Risk Based HAC)
  • WHS Compliance Assessment
  • Incident Investigations / Expert Witnessing
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