Research Laboratories & Health Care.

Research laboratories are complex operational areas generally requiring substantial quantities of Dangerous Goods which place conflicting design objectives upon areas requiring maximisation of utilisable space. Storing flammable liquids and gases may require the installation of expensive hazardous area rated equipment if the prescriptive hazardous area zoning process is applied. Riskcon excels in providing risk-based Hazardous Area Classifications with the aim of minimising, restricting or eliminating hazardous areas with the goal of reducing the inconvenience, cost, risk of these materials.

The Regulatory frameworks in each state require risks to be assessed and minimised So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable (SFARP). As accredited Dangerous Goods consultants we are able to apply our understanding of risk from a wide range of industries to provide novel solutions while achieving the SFARP designs.

Specific skills and services which may be applied to the research laboratories and health care industries include;

  • Safety in Design (SiD) assessments
  • Hazardous Area Classification (HAC)
  • Dangerous Goods design and compliance auditing
  • State Environmental Planning Policy No. 33 (SEPP 33) assessments
  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis
  • Hazardous Area inspections
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Hazard auditing
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