Oil & Gas.

The nature of the materials produced in the oil & gas industry carry inherent risks with the potential to result in fire and explosion with subsequent impacts posing substantial safety, environmental and business continuity issues. Our engineers have extensive experience working within the oil & gas industry including on shore and off shore installations for a range of companies from small installations up to supermajors.

Specific skills and services which may be applied to the oil & gas industries include:

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • Hazard and Operability (HAZOP)
  • Control Hazard and Operability (CHAZOP)
  • Construction Hazard Assessment Implication Review (CHAIR)
  • Safety in Design (SiD) assessments
  • Safety Integrity Level assessment (SIL)
  • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • Hazardous Area Classification (HAC)
  • Hazardous Area inspections
  • Fire Safety Studies and Fire Risk Assessments
  • Dangerous Goods design and compliance auditing
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Safety Case Development
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