Hazardous Areas.

Hazardous Area engineering is predominantly associated with the storage and handling of combustible dusts, flammable liquids and gases at locations, such as laboratories, mines, power stations, chemical storage and manufacturing facilities, as well as shipping and loading facilities.

Our team is skilled and accredited in Hazardous Area Classification, Hazardous Area Design and Hazardous Area Installation Auditing. Where appropriate we utilise ‘performance based’ approaches that are compliant and recognised nationally by regulators to add massive value to projects compared with some of the more traditional and esoteric prescriptive approaches.

What We Offer.

  • Risk Based and Prescriptive Hazardous Area Classification for all types of from Fuel farms to Research Laboratories
  • Verification Dossier Development and/ or Review
  • Ex Rated Equipment Installation Design and Commissioning
  • Facilitation and assistance with IECEx rated equipment approval
  • Hazardous Area Classification in Catastrophic Events Scenarios (e.g. gas cylinder Loss of Containment)
  • Combustible Dust Hazardous Area Classification
  • Development of Hazardous Area minimisation strategies
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