Dangerous Goods.

In nearly all regions, government regulates dangerous goods/ hazardous chemicals storage and handling to minimise the likelihood of accidents and to minimise adverse impacts.

A significant challenge posed to operators of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals facilities is meeting their safety obligations due to dangerous goods safety management requirements being quite onerous.

The Riskcon team are accredited Dangerous Goods Consultants and are available to assist in the complex field.

What We Offer.

  • Site Plan Development
  • Emergency and Security Planning
  • Operational Policy and Procedure Development
  • Development of Chemical Registers, Placarding and Manifests
  • Greenfield site evaluation
  • Council Documentation
  • Fuel and chemical storage design
  • Site Compliance Audits
  • Investigation Reporting
  • WHS Compliance Advice
  • Risk Assessment and Training
  • Process Design
  • Safety Management System Development (SWMS, JSAs etc.)
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods (ADG)
  • Hazardous Chemicals (GHS & HSNO Scheduled Poisons (SUSMP)
  • Package Store and Distribution Centre Design
  • Fuel Tank Farm Design
  • Mine Site Chemicals and Fuel Storage Design and Auditing
  • Underground Mine Fuel Storage Design
  • Laboratory Dangerous Goods Storage Design
  • Healthcare Hazardous Chemicals Storage Design
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